Embroidery & Vector


We offer one of the best and most competitive and simple pricing structures in the marketplace.

Stitch count price

$ 1

1000 Stitches

Left Chest/ Cap Flat

$ 10 - $25

No limit of stitch count

Vector Flat Rate

$ 10 - $40

Depends on complexity

Turnaround time

Our base price includes an eight-hour turnaround time. If your order is extremely urgent, we would be glad to take of it on urgent basis within four hours. Just let us know that it is super urgent, and we will take care of it ASAP!

Price estimates

Please send us your logo beforehand to get a free price quote along with a digital picture of what your embroidered logo would look like. We also provide quick discounted pricing over the phone, and you can convert it to an order right away to avail the special pricing provided by us.

Multiple-sized logos

We typically price the logo based on the largest size. Often for minor size differences, we will not charge you. Special discounts for names are available as well. If you have a certain target price for any logo, let us know and we will attempt to match it.